Meet the 60 -Year-Old Hipster Who Turned Into a Supermodel

Who says modelling is limited to 20-year-olds?

Philippe Dumas is taking the internet by storm with ragged good looks.

This silver fox did not begin his modelling career at 20, or 30 or 40.

He began at the age of 60, when retirement sent him seeking to make his lifelong dream of becoming a model come true.

Ironically, he made it into the industry most infamous for discriminating against elders – the modelling industry.

After posting his photo to Reddit and asking users if he “had what it take” – Dumas became a viral sensation.

Dumas isn’t the typical 60-year-old.

He has a modern, hipster style fashion sense and keeps himself fit and fresh.

He began ballet dancing five years ago, at the age of 55 – and it seems to be doing him good!

Prepare to be charmed:

Philippe Dumas is a good example of aging with grace.

Instead of worrying about the “it’s too late” mantra – follow your dreams, because growing older is a part of life which should be equally valued as the earlier years.

If you want to wash your eyes with some more of the hunk that wears the age 60 so well, take a look at his Instagram:

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