Is ‘Sex and the City’ Coming Back to TV?

Please, please and….yes please!

Before you jump to conclusions – yes, it is all speculations.

However, with that being said – it’s not uncommon for a successful long-running TV series to make a comeback to TV when the demand is high and the actors are willing.

Gilmore Girls is making a comeback in the end of November after eight (yes, eight!) years of disappearing from our lives.

If Rory and Lorelai can return to the TV and still be idolized by millions of fans worldwide, why can’t Carrie and the girls return in full power with some up-to-date fashion trends?

Why do we have a hunch that it’s a possibility?

Check out what Sarah Jessica Parker had to say and decide for yourself if it’s possible:

One thing is for sure, Sex in the City still has a widespread fan base to laugh and cry in front of the new (potential) season.

So much so – that we’d settle for just a film.

Would you want to see Sex and the City back on screens or do you think it’s best to leave us with the memories of the older seasons?

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