Improve Your House for Less Than $50

When you don’t have the money for an interior designer…. there’s a plan B.

Ladies, pick up the hammers and sewing machines – because your home is getting a face lift.

Little upgrades and tweaks can go a long way when trying to upgrade the look of your home.

Simple things such as throwing out clutter, covering up wires and painting – are just a few of many changes that can be easily (and cheaply) implemented.

Take a look:

There is no need to throw your hard earned cash away to an interior designer when you feel like a fresh scene in your house.

Although it can be tempting – and of course the results would be much more prominent, there are simpler ways to change it up just enough to make your space look more fresh.

Moving around the furniture to a different style every once and a while can also be quite exciting (not safari trip exciting but close enough).

The reason? Many people like change!

Even the smallest changes can prevent your home from becoming boring.

Grab your tools and get to work!

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