Kevin Smith Goes After Cyber Bully With Inspiring Comments

Fighting hate with love!

Filmmaker Kevin Smith was quick to respond on social media when his daughter was attacked by a cyber bully.

It appears that uploading an innocent selfie nowadays is an open invitation for people to make their offensive opinions heard.

The bully commented on the photo with a hate message, calling Harley “ugly” and “talentless”.

Kevin Smith’s response was perfect:

Instead of fighting fire with fire, Smith fought ignorance with wisdom.

Cyber bullying is a nasty habit that’s becoming all too ubiquitous nowadays amongst teenagers in social media.

Most youngsters don’t have the prying eyes of their parents to notice when they are being attacked, and dealing with words of hate can have tremendous effects on the self-esteem of an insecure teenager.

Don’t just teach your children to love themselves- teach them to love others. The latter is just as important as the first – because bullying can be prevented by the use of good education.

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