Grindr Owner Pays Wife 1.1 Billion Dollars in Divorce Settlement

The most expensive divorce in Chinese history!

While most people who be honored to break a historical record, we have a feeling that Zhou Yahui, the owner of the gay dating app Grindr and chairman of the online gaming company Kunlun, is less pleased with the recent title of “most reparations paid to ex-wife”.

As part of his divorce settlement, the billionaire had to hand over 705.4 million shares of his company.

Sounds like someone didn’t sign a little something called a prenuptial agreement?

This ex-wife has certainly struck the lottery:

It’s not just money that has value in a relationship – even if we’re talking about 1.1 billion dollars.

We hope the divorce was worth it for both sides. Yahui may have paid a hefty price for the divorce, but hey – you can’t buy happiness with money.

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