10 Countries with the Super Sexiest Men of 2016

Or, in other words: where to travel in 2016

If you are looking for a spontaneous travel destination with the single ladies, we have piled up a list of countries you may especially want to visit for a high chance of spotting scrumptious men in their natural habitats.

Handsome men are everywhere, but in some locations they simply seem to be ubiquitous.

Of course, handsome is a matter of taste, and boy is there a wide spectrum for it!

Check out the top countries voted for the most eye candy:

Although, it can’t be that easy right?

It can’t just be constantly raining handsome men in all of these countries.

What is it about foreign men that makes us melt?

The accent? The mystery? The knowledge that the romance will most likely be short-lived until he returns to his homeland far, far away?

Maybe we just like men who are different in any way from the ones we’re used to.

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