Some People Aren’t Happy With Victoria’s Secret’s New “Lingerie As Clothes” Campaign

Most of these people probably aren’t men.

Ok, we understand that the greatest fashion is usually unconventional, but shouldn’t it still be functional?

Victoria’s Secret’s redefinition of lingerie may seem cool and glamorous in magazines and paparazzi shots of models hitting the nightclubs, but can it really go as far as having women wear lingerie to work?

Take a look at the new fashion statement:

We support women’s freedom to show as much or as little as they wish, however maybe we should doubt the functionality of wearing see-through, lacy clothing for businesswomen seeking a different kind of attention?

It’s sexy and it even seems pretty darn fashionable when matched with the right items, but let’s admit that in some places (such as your office), you may not want to be a constant head-turner.

If that doesn’t bother you – how about the devaluing of lingerie’s actual, intended use?

Wouldn’t it feel less special and sexy to unveil your lingerie at home, when you’ve been wearing something similar all day at work?

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