This Grandma Feeds 300 Hungry Children a Day!

A daily good deed by an amazing woman…

74-year-old Phyllis Shaughnessy couldn’t turn the other cheek when it came to underfed children in her community.

Instead of sharing posts on Facebook, or calling out the sadness of the situation, this young-at-heart grandma took action to raise donations and makes deliveries of food packages herself, door by door.

Check out the beautiful story:

This woman is so inspiring, and we hope to see more following her footsteps in the right direction.

Many people care, but very few take action.

Humans have evolved to live in communities – and communities can only be held together by the willingness of the people to work together. Why float through our lives without making an impact on someone else’s?

Phyllis proves that you don’t need to be rich to be a philanthropist. Each person should give what they can, whether it is even just a kind word, or dedicating time to listen, each time we take a moment to do something selfless, the world is a little bit better.

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