Amy Schumer Confronts Sexist Hooligan During Show

Don’t mess with Amy Schumer!

Only two minutes into Amy Schumer’s stand up performance in Stockholm, some random attention-seeker from the audience shouted out “show us your tits”.

Of course, Schumer reacted, and went on to address the disrupter as well as give him a second chance to calm down and allow her to continue the show.

Watch what happens next:

Well as the saying goes, “men don’t grow up, they just get bigger”.

We applaud Schumer for not letting some sexist ruin her probably awesome show ahead, and showing everyone that there are more proper ways to seek attention.

We love Amy Schumer. Not only has she silenced body shamers and taught us to love being ourselves, but she also showed us how a grown woman reacts to an insult in public.

Quite frankly, she rocked it.

Looks like the man-child commenced to bite the dust outside after missing out on a show he probably paid quite a few big bucks to see.

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