Ireland Gave Illegal Tax Benefits to Apple Worth Up to €13 Billion

Do You Think the Reaction is Fair?

Have you heard? While a small business owner in most Western countries may go to jail for tax evasion, Apple’s €13 billion illegal tax exemption is being no more than frowned upon.

Yep – not even penalty, just a request for a “refund” to the local tax authorities.

Apple was ordered by the European Commission to pay Ireland $14.5 billion back in taxes.

Check out the full story and “reprimand”:

We love Apple products, but why is it that the biggest companies are the ones to end up carrying less of the load?

Is this road to appeasement really worth it for the countries hosting the high tech corporations?

While Apple has been paying a tax rate of 0.005% of profits, other, much smaller companies, have been paying much, much more. Fair?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this issue. Do you think Apple should have been cut some slack, or did they deserve to be penalized for decade of cutting corners?

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