The Kardashians Warned to Stop Promoting Products on Instagram

Millions of Followers Are Receiving Misleading Ads

Consumer Group “Truth in Advertising” has recently been requesting the Kardashians to not only stop their product placement ads on Instagram but also remove all previous ones to their misleading nature.

The Kardashians, like many other stars who have a large gathering of followers, are paid by various brands to upload pictures with their products and a few good words.



The problem is, that fair advertising requires the advertiser to reveal which post is an advertisement so that the consumers understand the incentive.

Take a look at the controversy:

If you’ve seen something along the lines of “I use this coffee scrub daily to remove cellulite” – it’s safe to assume that the star who uploaded the picture is receiving compensation – and may or may not be actually using the product.

We would also take a wild guess that a celebrity personal trainer, nutritionist, private chef and expensive cosmetic procedures at the doctor’s office have more effect than the creams and scrubs advertised on these accounts.

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