Meet Marvel’s New Iron WOMAN

The New Superheroine

Meet Riri Williams – the 15-year-old black teenage girl who will fill the role of Tony Stark as the new Iron Man, or should we say, Iron Woman?

We are happy that recently we are seeing more and more variety with superheroes. We want our children to grow up knowing that they can aspire to do anything they want without limits of gender, color or looks. When children see only one superhero ideal – it makes them wonder why there aren’t more who look like them.

Wonder woman was an amazing step towards empowering young girls and now we are finally starting to see the integration of more races into the superhero world.

Take a look:

Marvel is doing a great job in incorporating diversity and we’re looking forward to seeing more multicultural characters which reflect the variety of the population in the real world.

We have faith that Williams will be pretty awesome! What do you think?

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