Facebook Bans Ad of Plus Size Model

Body Shaming by Facebook?

Tess Holliday recently tried boosting a post which was originally uploaded for a body image panel in Australia. The boost was rejected do to violation of Facebook policy.

Although most advertisers are aware that there are limitations on Facebook ads according to their various policies, Facebook did not claim that the image was too exposing or sexual, or anything of the sort. Instead, they banned it as a violation of the “health and fitness policy”.

Take a look at the case here:

Facebook later apologized, and of course we understand that the ad was blocked by a human being who may have personal opinions which do not reflect those of the company for which he or she works for – but come on! You have the task of disapproving ads that are unfair, violent – ads that may be promoting negative messages – and you choose to block an ad that supports self-acceptance.

We support leading healthy lifestyles but there is no “ideal” body type. You can’t judge a mother that struggles to lose baby weight while juggling new and challenging tasks in life the same way you can’t judge a person who may have had struggles with their weight since childhood.

Stop judging, start loving – beginning with yourselves.

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