A 9-Year Old Used His Allowance to Buy Books for Inmates

A Little Boy With a Huge Heart

Nine-year-old Tyler took on a challenge that he felt was necessary to make a positive impact on his community.

He realized that there was nobody donating books to prisoners in his local community, and felt like providing them positive reading material may impact their views and behavior for the better.

You may think he’s being naïve, but a study shows that prisoners who read are 54% less likely to reoffend.

Check out the beautiful deed:

We love how this boy chose to be positive, and not only to believe that people can bounce back from their mistakes, but take action to help them do so. By treating these inmates with care, they receive the notion that they have not been given up on – there is hope and there are opportunities.

Books can fill your mind with creativity, positivity, and ambition. They are a powerful tool to incite change and we hope that Tyler’s huge heart will inspire others to always believe in a better future.

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