Celebrity Moms

The Softer Side Of The Celebs

When you see these women on the big screens depicting a variety of characters, fighting villains and juggling romances, it’s easy to forget that they have their own separate lives where they are as vulnerable as anyone else.

It’s truly beautiful to see these powerful women talk about the most important part of their personal lives – their children.

From Jennifer Lopez to Megan Fox, watch these Girly Warriors talk about how having children changed their lives:

Although these women have millions of fans worldwide watching their careers take off in the public light, the less visible aspects of their lives seem like they’re probably also the most important and exciting.

Being a mother isn’t easy, especially when you have a career to focus on. Whether you are an actress, a lawyer, a cosmetician or a politician – being a mother always comes with both challenges and rewards.

We admire these women for showing us the beautiful feature of their lives which many women can relate to, and reminding us that all moms are superheroes, whether on screen, in the office or at home!

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