Taylor Swift Surprises Some Loving Fans!

Taylor Swift brought on a plethora of well-deserved smiles at a children’s hospital in Australia last week while staying with her dazzling new boyfriend Tom Hiddleston in the country. According to social media posts by present children and the hospital itself, the visit was an incredible surprise and they will never be able to “Shake off” the astounding memories!

While there are likely millions of Taylor Swift Fans in hospitals worldwide, the young patients at Brisbane’s Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital certainly got an extremely lucky treat that they will never forget.

Check out the beautiful visit:

Just this month Taylor Swift was titled by Forbes as “the world’s highest-earning celebrity”. At 26 years old, that’s not such a minor accomplishment. We’ll save you the tears from hearing how much she made last year and let you focus on tears of joy as you watch the faces of some extremely happy children meeting their idol!

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