Quick Fix Buffalo Chicken Mozzarella Sticks!

Be warned: there is some drool-worthy deep frying ahead.

For those of you too busy adulting through your busy lives to try and think of an interesting meal for dinner – we have a quick and easy recipe for your YOLO day (for some of us that means EVERY day). The dish is so simple, it is guaranteed to turn out edible even for the kitchen-clumsy few who have never made rice outside of a microwave before. Moreover, these buffalo chicken mozzarella sticks are children-friendly and inner-child friendly enough to satisfy all tastes.

Whether you are truly open to learning and completing a new recipe today, or you just enjoy watching yummy food move across your screen until you are forced to pick up the phone and order in, this video is for you:

If you wish to adhere to a healthier version, feel free to substitute the chicken with tofu, the cheese with vegan cheese, the flour with almond flour, and the deep frying with a long bake in the oven. Then, proceed to make a salad after you have realized that you have absolutely none of the ingredients.

Bon Apetite!

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