Justin Bieber Goes Unnoticed While Catching Pókemon

You may have noticed lately that the sidewalks, streets, museums, cemeteries and just about every possible place a human may easily (and not so easily) reach – is filled with swarms of people, teenagers and adults alike, glaring helplessly at their screens as they are lead forward by the drive the “catch them all”.

Apparently, the epidemic has reached the celebrities as well. Justin Bieber was caught on camera striding through the streets of New York with face locked down on his screen. He was not snapchatting, nor was he concentrating on his next Tweet of the day.

Bieber was simply chasing Pókemon just like everyone else. How was he not immediately bombarded with Beliebers? Watch for yourself:

The lesson that we should take from this – and especially for the moms out there – is that chasing pókemon is extremely distracting. If you cannot spot Justin Bieber in front of you, you probably won’t spot a tree, or building, or other fellow humans.

Be safe!

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