Katy Perry Releases Powerful Song for Olympics

Katy Perry has revealed her first new song in three (yes, THREE!) years in honor of the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Her new song, “Rise”, reminds us in its essence of her 2013 hit, “Roar”, with both songs sending out invigorating messages of empowerment.

Although still carrying an uplifting message, the song’s lyrics carry a disparity from Katy’s usual fun pop songs with a bit of a darker edge: “When the fire’s at my feet again/ And the vultures all start circling/ They’re whispering, ‘You’re out of time’/ But still I rise.”

Watch here:

The emotional clips of athletes during their heart-stopping moments throughout the video perfectly align with Katy’s call to “rise above it all”, however the inspiration for the song sources from more than just athletic competition. Katy said in a statement that it was the recent spikes of violence that pushed her to release the song, saying: “[..]now more than ever, there is a need for our world to unite.”

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