Wife-Carrying Championship Race – It’s a Thing

It takes a lot of practice…so start getting your romance on

There are many unique races to test your running abilities under more interesting circumstances than a typical track, such as mud races and obstacle courses.

This is by far one of the most hilarious couple-based races out there.

The official “wife-carrying” competition requires both participants to be in good shape.

The woman hangs on the back of her man upside down, gripping his torso with her legs while he sets off on a race to complete a course through mud and fences.

What is the grand prize for this bonanza?

12 cases of beer and a check to the sum of five times the woman’s weight (so maybe pack on some pounds before entering?).

While the concept may seem silly, it looks like a great way to spend some sitness-oriented quality time with your other half.

The fun part is training by making your husband carry you romantically to bed every evening – all for the race, of course.

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Hollywood Rejoices As Weinstein is Expelled From Academy

Sexual assault has its consequences

In response to the many allegations of sexual assault against Harvey Weinstein, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has decided to expel him.

Weinstein, once a strong force in the academy, will no longer be a member of the prestigious leaders of Hollywood following the outburst of women, many of them well known actresses, speaking out against him with claims as harsh as rape.

While the charges are still under investigation, the plethora of prominent women voicing their stories make the allegations seem more and more likely to be true about the sexual misconduct of the entertainment mogul.

Even if Weinstein ends up behind bars, the story of sexual assaults in Hollywood doesn’t end here.

Many prominent individuals in the industry are calling for a thorough investigation of all of the complaints filed against various industry leaders pertaining to sexual assault.

There have been too many cases that were swept under the rug and it’s about time, with the momentum of the Weinstein case, that they be uncovered, and women will take back power in these male-dominated industries.

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Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Are Engaged!

She’s already an experienced TV bride, now she’s planning her real life wedding

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas made their fans swoon with emotion when they first announced their relationship back in November of 2016.

Just a little less than a year later, the two have made another major announcement as a couple – they are engaged!

Sophie unveiled a (huge) diamond ring on her finger in an Instagram post captioned….well…you can guess.

The two had even adopted a puppy together this September – a big joint commitment.

While the two have been quite private about their relationship so far, most fans are quite sure that Jonas will be a better match for Turner than any of her Game of Thrones suiters (ok…no big competition there).

Sophie Turner, 21, and Joe Jonas, 28, have yet to reveal their planned wedding date.

Would it be too cliché to expect a GOT theme?

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Wonder Woman Director Works to Get Actresses Higher Salaries

there will be a revolution in Hollywood

Patty Jenkins is breaking boundaries, and we’re not just talking about her achievement as a powerful female director who managed to mount an incredibly successful female superhero film.

Jenkins wants to work towards a new era in Hollywood – an era in which women are being paid equal to men for similar-level roles.

She explains that the gender pay gap is prevalent in Hollywood just as it is in other industries.

Moreover, it’s not that easy to become a respected female producer in a male-dominated industry in the first place.

It’s up to strong, persistent and talented women like Jenkins to encourage fellow women to follow their dreams and aim high event where sexism is rampant and women are used to undervaluing their work for lower pay.

It’s about time that equality reaches the entertainment business as it is beginning to become a central topic in many fields which were, until recently, dominated by men.

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Rose McGowan Rises As a Major Voice Against Sexual Assault

The actresses wants women’s voices to be heard

Rose McGowan is speaking out after claiming that Harvey Weinstein had raped her.

the actress speaks out about the overt sexism in Hollywood, and worst of all – the Hollywood culture of sweeping sexual harassment cases under the rug.

McGowan claims that she was “blacklisted” in Hollywood because she “got raped”, meaning that once a woman is a victim of sexual assault, speaking out means costing her career.

McGowan explained that at the time, when she was just 23 years old, she didn’t report the crime to the police because a legal lawyer advised that she will not win.

Why? Probably because women are still being victim-blamed until this day.

Maybe it’s because a leading name in Hollywood is likely to be backed and supported by many other strong forces in the industry while a young actress trying to build her career can easily be shushed, threatened and shattered.

Although she didn’t report the case to the police, McGowan claims that she I fact has a written document proving a small settlement was reached privately between her and McGowan to stay silent.

More than anything, McGowan isn’t just asking women to speak out, she is asking fellow men in the industry to support them and give them assurance that they will not be threatened and shut down when they do.

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How Often Should You Really Work Out?

Don’t be stressed if you can’t fit in a work out every day

Fitness truly is a lifestyle more than an activity, because if you want to maintain your fitness level, you have to be very consistent.

With that being said, nobody expects every full-time worker or mother to look like a fitness model.

There are many sacrifices to be made if you want to work out every day, and for many people, those sacrifices simply aren’t worth it.

Unless you are getting paid to look like a Victoria’s Secret model, don’t frustrate yourself with every-day workouts.

Make yourself a schedule which you can comfortably stick to.

3 times a week is a great amount of workouts for most working individuals, and if you can occasionally squeeze in some more – that’s great!

Try to get into a morning workout routine in which several times a week, you wake up earlier to exercise.

Not only will you feel proud of yourself the rest of the day, you also won’t sacrifice your evening time, a.k.a. your post-work “me” time.

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Breakfast Changes To Help You Lose Weight

Never skip the first meal of the day

Breakfast may have a hazardous effect on your health if you do it wrong, but don’t you ever skip it!

Although you may have a hard time getting up early enough to prepare a healthy breakfast, there are many shortcuts that can make your morning routine healthier whilst keeping it simple and quick.

For starters, you can prepare your breakfast, or at least part of it the night before.

For example, you can create a fiber and protein-rich chia pudding by mixing chia seeds with a plant-based milk and leaving it in the fridge overnight.

Make your pudding even tastier by adding peanut butter, vanilla or cocoa to the mix!

Ditch the sugar-filled cereals and granola for sugar-free options.

If your granola is a bit bland without sugar, add a teaspoon of honey to your yogurt – it will sweeten up the bowl in a healthier and portion-controlled way.

If you want to stay full for long and prevent snacking, make sure each breakfast includes a proper amount of fiber and protein.

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Justin Trudeau Has Always Recruited Women Into Politics

As if you needed another reason to love him

Justin Trudeau has high popularity among the ladies and it’s not difficult to figure out why.

Aside from his charming good looks, he’s a proud feminist, a supporter of gay rights, an activist and a humanitarian.

Also, he has probably broken the record for the most talked about butt ever to be involved in politics (you can Google those pics later).

Now, during Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit, he talked about recruiting women into his cabinet before the election, saying that the gender balance was important and improved the quality of decision-making.

Trudeau is the perfect role model for how politicians today should approach the changes in modern day gender roles.

We’re nearly finishing up the second decade of the 21st century and we’re still waiting to see equal amounts of women in politics as men.

Sadly, even the strongest of women still face misogyny in male-dominated careers.

Is Trudeau just one of many that will begin to push for a change?

Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow and More Speak Out Against Harvey Weinstein

More allegations keep arising

It seems as though the recent surfacing of allegations against Harvey Weinstein has encouraged more and more women in Hollywood to speak out against him in accusations of sexual assault.

While it’s easy for some to judge the late accusations, it’s very common for women to keep silent about such sexual harassment when they fear either the disbelief by others or endangerment of the career, especially when the harassment is by a powerful man in the industry.

Both women claimed to have experienced Weinstein’s improper behavior many years ago when they were younger.

It’s not yet clear which of the allegations are for sure accurate, but the rise of the issue of sexual harassment in Hollywood has long been forthcoming.

Young women who are trying to push forward in their acting, directing, singing, performing, etc. careers are often faced with industry leaders who take advantage of their aspirations.

It’s about time that women feel more comfortable to speak out against the men who harass them so that they can regain their dignity as well as prevent other women from undergoing the same ordeal.


The Science Behind Infidelity

The stats may surprise you

What do we know about modern-day infidelity?

One thing is for sure, with today’s virtual social networks connecting more and more people to each other with ease and modern technology removing boundaries of distance, the temptations are on the rise and the possibilities for cheating have become easy.

While the common notion is that men are more likely to cheat (because they are still evolving?) is no longer true, as the statistics for the number of women admitting to infidelity has risen drastically over recent years.

Furthermore, the study claims that more intelligent men are less likely to cheat.

Makes sense.

After all, what smart man wants to lose his home, dignity and his life partner?

Anyone with a slight understanding of family life or partnerships will tell you – communicate when you have a problem with your partner – there are solutions much more dignified than committing infidelity behind your partner’s back.

Did Kourtney Kardashian Just Slut Shame Bella Thorne and Sofia Richie?

One word seemed a bit out of place

Scott Disick and Kourtey Kardashian have been separated for a while, but it seems like the two still don’t give one another enough privacy – which is probably a bit hard considering the Kardashians have been starring in reality TV for the past decade.

On KUWTK, Kourtney said that she doesn’t like that she has to “handle” Scott being “photographed with a different hooker every day”.

The episode was filmed a few months ago so it’s not clear if she is referring to Sofia Richie, who recently made official her relationship with Disick via some steamy photos on social media, or Bella Thorne, whom he was having a casual relationship before, or maybe just other random women he has been seen with.

Either way, it’s quite misogynistic for Kourtney to be putting down other women and calling them “hookers” for dating her ex.

Every woman’s love life deserves its own privacy and respect so long as she is not hurting others.

Disick may be switching often between ladies but as a single man, it’s his business.

Kourtney herself has been canoodling with a much younger male model and both should enjoy their separate love lives without judgement, don’t you think?

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Healthy, Easy Packed Lunch Ideas

Don’t stress it

Winter is coming ladies and gentlemen – which means, if you want to stay strong and healthy through the flu season, you best be getting your vitamins and minerals!

Eating healthy has a tremendous effect on your immune system as well as your general energy levels.

If you’re a full time worker, a student, a mom, or practically any human being who isn’t a reality star who gets paid to exist, you probably need to pack yourself a healthy amount of energy to start the day.

Eating out every day at work can be pricey, but more significantly, it is usually not so healthy.

The best way to ensure you are not packing extra calories, and that you are getting enough nutrients is to pack your own lunch.

Here are a few easy ideas for a healthy week ahead.

Take into consideration that you can definitely cut down preparation time if you prepare some of the ingredients ahead of time – such as roasting a large amount of veggies and keeping them in the fridge, along with pre-cooked quinoa.

Get yourself a bundle of Tupperware and start filling them up!

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